Saturday, May 9, 2009

Irving Foster, husband of Mary A. Brantley

Re Irving Foster, husband of Mary A. Brantley:
written by A.D. Lester of Westville, Oklahoma:

"I contacted some older families, and they knew the Foster's and told the same thing about them. They said:"

"Shorty Foster was a shoe cobbler, (one lady said he also made saddles) and was a small short man. They said his wife was a large woman, and she washed and ironed for the people here in town. One man said that Shorty worked part time for Bill Williams. Williams owned a lot of land here at one time, and built some of the business buildings here in town. But he has no relatives anywhere in this part of the country. They said that Shorty Foster died some time before his wife died. They attended the Baptist Church here, and I assume that they were also members. According to those of whom I tralked with, they were highly respected, and were good citizens. And I blieve them. The opinion of those I talked with, did not remember any children, they they did not think they had children. "

"One man here in town, who deals in old things, bought a cobblers bench or something like one, and the man he bought it from, said he believed it came out of Shorty's cobbler shop, but he was not sure if it did. "

Death Record of Mary Brantley Foster (#104)

"Looking back in our records I found the following information.
Listed as, Mrs. M.A. Foster
died 6/30/1942 in Lincoln, Arkansas
born 4/2/1871 in the state of Arkansas
funeral 7/1/1942 in Roberts Chapel
buried in the Westville City Cemetery

father is William Brantley and he was born in the state of Arkansas

mother is Ella Nickle and she was born in the state of Kentucky. Nickle is her maiden name.